Bhakti Headbud Mix


In celebration of the launch of, enjoy this free yoga mixtape download, perfect for a sweet, sweaty flow.

1. Desert [Dub Remix] – Jef Stott
2. 800 – Mercan Dede
3. Freedom is Free (feat MC Rai) – Opium
4. Rise Up – Karsh Kale
5. Lotus Heart [Kalya Scintilla Remix] – Desert Dwellers
6. Choral – Mich Gerber
7.  Goddess Invocation – Go-Ray & Duke
8. Dancing Under the Walnut Tree – Kayhan Kalhor and Ali Bahrami Fard
9. Mauhahibou – Thione Seck
10. Alem (feat Mark Eliyahu) – The Toure-Raichel Collective

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