Myths To Live By

Beginning and ending with snippets of wisdom from Joseph Campbell, this percussive mixdown spans an Eastern flavor with plenty of solid beats rooting the atmospherics. Mariposa cover photo taken by Derek Beres in New Paltz on July 4, 2010. Track listing:

1. What Myth Do I Live By?—Joseph Campbell
2. Keep Your Gaze Steady—Morley
3. Bellydancer—Adham Shaikh
4. Egyptian Pulse—The Spy From Cairo
5. El Gato Loco [feat. Jef Stott]—Drumspyder
6. Makyen Ghrir Allah (Desert Dwellers Remix)—EarthRise SoundSystem
7. Bodhi Mandala (Drumspyder Remix)—Desert Dwellers
8. Sayat Nova (Sendai Tsunami Dub)—Jef Stot
9. Sombience [feat Eccodek]—EarthRise SoundSystem
10. This Is My Home—Emo
11. Krishna’s Dub—DJ Drez
12. The Final Stages: Rapture and the Ground of Being—Joseph Campbell

One Comment on “Myths To Live By

  1.  by  Jeanne Andrews

    I love it! What a delight. A great yoga soundtrack and a great mix. Choice selections from Campbell. This is going to be a lot of fun to share. You have a unique talent with world music and yoga mixes. I could ‘see’ Joe smiling too (in my mind’s eye). Sincere thanks for a lovely gift.

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